If you don’t have any dedicated IT staff, consider calling on us for a
FREE Comprehensive analysis of your computing infrastructure.
Our report on what we find (or don’t find) will both empower and assure you about  what computing issues do or don’t exist.  This analysis document is also an excellent tool to use in ensuring that the most important issues can be prioritized and that your budget plans can be in place to deal with your known state.  Quite often this process removes some fears while uncovering other unknown risks.  As well, it is an excellent, no-risk way to learn what working with singlePOINT is like and for you to determine if our style and expertise is a good fit with your organization.


singlePOINT is focused on providing your organization with top quality IT services including;

  • Ongoing system maintenance.
  • Backup and recovery management.
  • Computing environment security risk analysis.
  • IT strategy consulting.
  • Windows, Apple and Linux Operating System support.
  • Website design, development, deployment and ongoing support.
  • Social media strategy development and support.
  • Microsoft Office application development and support.
  • Hardware optimization and life-cycle management