singlePOINT LogosinglePOINT is your source for independent, professional IT analysis, advice and services. With over 30 years of IT industry experience in support of both small and Fortune-500 clients, we know what to look for and have the experience that your organization can benefit from.

We specialize in supporting organizations that don’t have full-time IT staff, typically with less than 40 employees.  Our typical arrangement is to be on-site one or two days per month to engage directly with your staff to determine issues and to provide technical answers, on-the-spot tutoring and best-practice advice.  The remainder of our services are delivered either remotely or on-site after hours so that our work maintaining your systems in top form is as non-intrusive and disruption-free as possible.  In the end our goal is to ensure that your organization’s computing systems are stable, reliable, safe, meeting all of your needs and performing at their peak capability.

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